Customer: Sazerac

Food Industry

City: Montreal

Start: 2012

Plant effluent waste water treatment system

FINTEX was mandated to provide engineering services for the design of a waste water treatment system to equalize and neutralize plant waste water effluents produced by the beverage blending and bottling operation. The main task of the project was the redesign of the drainage system of the bottling plant and the distillery and transfer of waste water towards a new equalization basin in the basement of the distillery. The system was designed with a new pumping station and a fully automated pH neutralisation system. The scope of work included the preparation of system layout, P&ID, piping layout, instrumentation, controls and project site supervision.

Feasibility study to increase plant blending capacity

This project included preparation of a detailed pre-engineering document for the new blending department expansion. The scope of work consisted of an evaluation of the production, determination of the main equipment (tanks, filters, pumps, instrumentation and automation package), preliminary P&ID's and a general layout. The concept for the new blending department  was developed with the cooperation of Sazerac personnel, in order to generate a project that meets all the technical and production requirements. A detailed cost estimate for the project including all (building, process equipment and installation, mechanical/ventilation, electrical and controls) has been prepared.

Design, of a "State of the Art" blending facility

FINTEX was to provide engineering, supervision and project management services for the blending expansion project which included the addition of a 12,000 square foot building extension adjacent to the existing plant warehouse and all the necessary production equipment. Engineering services included determining the process equipment requirements, drawings and specifications for plant layout, process piping, mechanical and electrical services and automation.  The project was also coordinated  with the architect, general contractor and client. Supervision of construction and process start-up was carried out.

Compliance study for the plant compressed air system according to ISO 8573.1

Compressed air is a critical service in the food and beverage industry because it comes in direct contact with the product. In order to be in conformity with the HACCP requirements compressed air quality has to meet ISO-8573.1 requirements. In this project a complete survey of the plant compressed air distribution system was carried out. All user points where compressed air had a probability to come into contact with the product were identified. The plant compressed air system was also analysed. A report with recommendations on the modifications of the compressed air filtration system was produced, P&ID and piping layouts for both the distillery and the bottling area were completed.