Customer: Owens Corning

Transformation industry

City: Valleyfield

Start: 2010


Energy study on the plant electrical users

Owens Corning is a world leader in the development and fabrication of material for the construction industry. The Valleyfield plant is part of the division of extruded polystyrene panels. As part of a project to reduce production cost and greenhouse emissions, FINTEX was mandated to carry out an energy analysis that aimed to identify projects for reducing plant energy consumption. The study identified several projects of process optimisation and energy conservation which would reduce plant energy consumption substantially. The projects identified included a modernisation of the plant chiller system and a complete reconfiguration of the dust collection system of the extrusion line.


Reconfiguration of the plants main dust collection system

Following the recommendations of the energy study, FINTEX was given the mandate to revise the original design of the extrusion line dust collection system. The project consisted in the review of the existing dust collection system,  redesign of associated duct work and preparing drawings and specifications, supervision and project start-up. This project permitted the reduction of $150,000 per year of energy and the overall improvement of operations.


Energy analysis of the plant chilled water production system

FINTEX was mandated to carry out a complete energy analysis of the plants three chillers to determine operation costs and to recommend a more efficient refrigeration system. As part of this study we evaluated the feasibility of installing a cooling tower to take advantage of free cooling during the winter period.