Customer: Di-Tech Inc.

Textile Industry

City: Montréal

Start: 1998

Feasibility study for the construction of a new “State of the Art” dyeing and finishing plant


DI-TECH mandated FINTEX to carry out a study to demonstrate the feasibility of building a new modern dyeing and finishing plant for a vertical integration of its manufacturing operation. This study consisted of defining the process, selecting the production equipment, preparing production mass and energy balances, determining the cost of the final product and assessing the costs associated with the project.


Construction of a new “State of the Art” dyeing and finishing plant

FINTEX was mandated to prepared plans and specifications for the construction of a new state of the art dyeing and finishing plant. The mandate included specifications for production equipment, the design of mechanical systems such as water, steam supply, compressed air, thermal oil, wastewater treatment and instrumentation.

Conception, drawings and specifications for a new thermal oil boiler house

To reduce the operating cost of thermal fluid boilers used for plant dryers, FINTEX was given the mandate to carry out drawings and specifications for a centralized thermal oil boiler house. The challenge of this project was to centralize the three new boilers in a new building outside the existing plant, without interrupting production. This project included the reconfiguration of the thermal oil network and the supervision of construction.