Customer : Olin Canada

Chemical Industry

City : Becancour

Start : 2010

Olin Canada

Energy study on the manufacturing operation of a chlor alkali plant

As part of a corporate approach to energy conservation of the manufacturing operations of the Bécancour plant, FINTEX was mandated to perform an energy analysis of the overall plant. This study covered the use of steam, hydrogen and major users of electricity such as, chillers, cooling towers, chlorine compressors, hydrogen and compressed air network. This study identified more than 8 energy efficiency projects with the potential of generating savings of more than $ 2 million in electricity and natural gas per year.


Reconfigurations of the plant condensate return system

The purpose of this project was to redesign the condensate return system for the two electrolysis plants and select new condensate return pumps. The mandate included specifications for instrumentation, P & ID and detailed piping design. This project allows a reduction of the cost of pumping and heating the condensate by more than $ 400,000 per year.


Optimization of the plant compressed air system

This study was to assess all users of compressed air in the plant and to identify projects to reduce compressed air consumption by introducing  more effective technologies.  The feasibility of grouping together the three compressor rooms and the profitability of replacing the ten screw compressors by two centrifugal compressors were also evaluated.