Customer: Laboratoire Delon

Pharmaceutical Industry

City: Point-Claire

Start: 2000

Laboratoire Delon

Plant Natural Gas Energy Audit

Laboratoire Delon is a major manufacturer of cosmetics and pharmaceutical products located in Pointe-Claire. The plant is mainly a batch process operation where different chemicals are mixed to produce shampoos, conditioners, alcohol, peroxide etc. The plant audit identified several natural gas reduction projects, with paybacks of two years or less, including an upgrade of the building heating system, installation of water spray guns and a heat recovery thermal wheel on the ventilation system.

Design of a peroxide powder production room

As part of a modernization project for the preparation of powder formulations bleach and to increase production volume and improve process safety, FINTEX carried out a feasibility study to determine the optimal technology for mixing the various ingredients. As a result of the study, equipment specifications for the storage of raw material, mixers, filling and packaging equipment were prepared. The mandate included the preparation of drawings and specifications for the design of equipment, ventilation systems and process services.


Design of three manufacturing rooms that meet the cGMP requirements

The drawings and specifications for the construction of three manufacturing rooms used for the preparation of liquid solutions and creams were prepared. This project included ventilation systems, supply of high purity water and the layout of production equipment.