Energy conservation is a main preoccupation of corporations due to the increase in price of fossil fuels and the environmental effects of the use of hydrocarbons.

To reduce costs, industries must modernize their operations in order to minimize the consumption of water and energy, which in turn reduces the effect of Global Warming on the environment. Companies understand the importance of the impact of energy consumption on production costs and environment. Since its incorporation, FINTEX has carried out several energy conservation projects for national clients. Our team is familiar with grant programs for Energy Studies and Implementation of Projects funded by Hydro-Quebec, Gaz-Metro and the Bureau de l’Efficacité et l’Innovation Énergetiques du Québec and Natural Resources Canada.

Our team of consultants possess a vast range of experience in the energy analysis of industrial processes and can therefore suggest innovative solutions to minimize energy costs. The services that we offer in this domain are as follows:

    • Energy analysis of industrial processes;
    • Process integration, Pinch analysis;
    • Energy analysis of buildings (envelope, ventilation, etc.);
    • Energy bills analysis;
    • Preparation of grant applications;
    • Energy conversion of production equipment;
    • Energy recuperation systems (waste water, air, chimney stacks, cooling towers);
    • Water comsumption minimization programs;
    •  Production process modernization;
    • New technologies (direct contact heater, etc);
    • Refrigeration systems, heat pumps;
    • Compressed air;
    • Boilers and steam generation;
    • Biomass.