Customer : BASF Canada Inc.

Chemical industry

City : Cornwall

Start : 2013

Engineering services for preliminary design of vacuum pumps seal water recycle system

FINTEX received a mandate from BASF Canada for engineering services for the preliminary design of a vacuum pumps seal water recycle system project at its Cornwall plant. The objective of the project was to reduce solvent contaminants to the plants waste water facility and reduce water usage. Deliverables for this project included: process flow diagram (PFD); process and instrumentation diagram’s (P&ID’s); functional description and preliminary list of material.


Mechanical and process engineering for the vacuum pump seal water recycle system      

FINTEX was mandated to prepare detailed mechanical engineering drawings and specifications for tender purposes for the project to carry out the mechanical work on the plant’s three vacuum pumps. The purpose of this project was to minimize seal water usage and recover insoluble alcohols. Deliverables included: updated P&ID and functional description; mechanical drawings and piping specifications; vessels drawings and specifications; pumps, heat exchangers, air emission treatment equipment and instrument specifications.


Study on the reactor fractionating column capacity increase and optimization                                     

The objective of this project was to examine the existing fractionating column in order to identify the optimal operating process parameters and determine the maximum capacity. The scope of this study included an evaluation of the existing parameters for the production of Dioctyl Adipate(DOA) and propose a control strategy that will automate the production cycle of DOA and reduce the overall manufacturing cycle time and energy usage.


Preliminary engineering services for plant #3 and #4 process tank venting system upgrade

The objective of this study was to develop a new concept for plant 3 and 4 process tank venting systems to reduce the plant’s Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) emissions to the environment.