Customer :Tri-Tex Co. Inc.

Chemical Industry

City :Saint-Eustache

Start :2000

Design of a manufacturing plant for polymer emulsions (latex)

Tri-Tex retained our services for the design and detailed engineering for the process, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation components of a major plant expansion project. The project included the installation of two reactors of 6 and 20 ton capacity respectively, API 650 monomer storage tanks, cooling system, steam generating plant and a VOCs incinerator. The project also included project supervision and procurement.


Design for the installation of four API bulk storage tanks

This project consisted in installing four storage tanks of 22 ton capacity built according to API 650 norms and a truck unloading platform. The project included the design of a holding basin for the four tanks, process piping and connections with the existing plant, electricity, instrumentation and controls.


Evaluation of plant #1 reactor cooling system

This study was to assess the cooling rate of 8 reactors in plant #1. The objective of this analysis was to reduce the production cycle time by 40 per cent. The analysis included the preparation of P&IDs of the existing plant, the preparation of energy and mass balances for the complete plant operations and evaluation of the existing thermal fluid network.


Design of a new thermal control unit (TCU) on the plant #1 reactors

In reference to a project to increase the efficiency of the production department, FINTEX was mandated to produce drawings and specifications for the installation of a new TCU unit for plant reactors. This project included the specification of the TCU units, design of piping and controls, as well as the supervision of the project and procurement management.

Design a production unit for the synthesis of polyvinyl acetate (PVA)

Tri-Tex mandated FINTEX for the design of production unit # 3 for the synthesis of PVA. The project included the installation of a new 20 ton reactor, pre-blenders, automatic feed and weighing system for 7 monomers and a 200 ton cooling tower. The challenge of the project was to integrate the units into an existing department in operation. The project included a comprehensive automation system.

Design for the installation of a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO)

FINTEX was given a mandate to prepare a mass balance of VOCs from the polymer plant, provide performance specifications for the purchase of new RTO, design all piping for the project, equipment purchase and project management.