Customer: Soprema

Transformation Industry

City: Drummondville

Start: 2007


Study on the treatment options to reduce asphalt air emissions

SOPREMA Inc operates coating lines at its Drummondville plant. The plant finished products consist of asphalt saturated panel board which are used for roof covering. Asphalt heated at high temperature generates an appreciable amount of VOCs emissions which contain hydrogen sulphide, benzene and hydrocarbons.

FINTEX was mandated to carry out a  study on the treatment options for plant asphalt emissions and to choose the best technology available to remove plant odors.


Design of a chemical storage and supply system for a Poly Iso Resin (PIR) panel facility

FINTEX provided engineering services required to design, install and commission a chemical storage and supply system for a new SOPREMA PIR panel facility located in Drummondville. The scope of work included all necessary design, drawings and specifications to insure that the storage and supply system met all necessary CSA, Quebec and local requirements. Part-time supervision was provided during the mechanical and electrical installation and technical assistance during start-up.

Customer: Soprema

Transformation Industry

City: Chilliwack, BC

Start: 2011

Design of an air treatment system for the asphaltic panel production line

The mandate was to provide the design of an air treatment system for the new asphaltic panel production line. Activities included the preparation of drawings and specifications for the installation of a wet scrubber and treatment system  for waste water. Technical information for the preparation of waste water and air emission permit applications were also provided.