Customer : Axiall Canada Inc.

Chemical industry

City : Beauharnois

Start : 2009


Energy study to reduce the plant steam usage

Axiall Canada is one of the main producers of chlorine and sodium hydroxide in North America. As part of a corporate program to reduce plant energy consumption, FINTEX was mandated to produce a process integration study for all steam users. The scope of this study was to produce a mass and energy balance on all users  and identify key projects for energy recovery. The study identified several projects which could reduce the energy consumption of the plant.

Technical and economic analysis of #6 oil consumption in the boiler house.

FINTEX received the mandate to carry out a technical and economic analysis to lower the consumption of # 6 oil. As part of our study, we analysed in detail three energy savings projects including the installation of a ventilation system at the chlorine plant so that heat produced by the electrolytic cells could be recovered to heat the building, the installation of a new natural gas / hydrogen fired boiler and the installation of a heat exchanger to pre-heat process water with waste water.

In reference to our recommendations, the client decided to install a new combined natural gas/ hydrogen fired boiler to reduce the consumption of # 6 oil. Financial support for this project was provided by the « Bureau de l’éfficacité et de l’innovation énergetique de Québec ».

Design of a heat recovery system to preheat process water

A heat recovery system that allows recovering energy and reusing it for heating process make-up water was designed. This project eliminates the use of steam in winter for heating the water and reduces energy currently dissipated to the plant cooling tower. This project represents a natural gas saving of more than $150,000 per year.